Are the wedding and honeymoon over? Have years passed since your marriage was filled with romance? Have conflicts arisen--trouble with the kids, problems with money, or struggles in your intimate relationship? Do you find yourselves divided as a couple for days, even weeks? Are the two of you focusing on who is at fault rather than what can be done?

If this is your story, now is the time to resolve the conflicts in your marriage.

Darrell Hines calls on you to recognize the spiritual forces that are intent on destroying your marriage. He challenges you to rediscover and reconnect with the foundational principles that keep a marriage together. He identifies key ways to prevent and confront conflict.

Find a place of agreement and move on!

Discover today how you can begin walking together in a new, stronger commitment! Learn how to build a relationship that faces difficulties, overcomes them, and emerges stronger than ever!

This book is a must-read for all married couples...And a powerful gift for those about to make wedding vows.


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Resolving Conflict in Marriage

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